The objective of the Transatlantic AI Hackathon Series is the cross development of AI-based solutions, addressing specific business, societal, environmental, and economic challenges.

The Smart Industry – Transforming manufacturing with Edge Computing and Cloud Data Integration deep-hack invites participants to create solutions that leverage the capabilities of AI-enabled cameras and IoT devices to processes and improve decision-making in manufacturing, logistics, and other Industry 4.0 sectors.

Solutions should use Edge AI (the technique of processing AI algorithms on a hardware device locally) for IoT, leveraging the processing power and data storage capabilities of these devices to provide actionable insights. Potential solution domains include predicting maintenance needs, identifying bottlenecks and defects in a production line, enhancing security and safety in industrial environments by preventing collisions between workers and machines in an industrial environment, and other smart manufacturing problems that can be addressed by Edge AI for IoT.

An USD 10 000 prize pool – to be distributed among winners
An OAK-D-Lite Spatial AI Camera from LUXONISE for each participant

Creative minds and thought leaders from both sides of the Atlantic can now join a series of three Transatlantic AI Hackathons organize by EIT Digital and the German American Business Association (GABA).

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